Spanish Language AI Tutor

Amira is the first intelligent reading tutor that listens, assesses and tutors learners in both English and Spanish. Amira accelerates reading mastery for multilingual learners.

“I love Amira because students can use at home, teachers can offer differentiated learning in school, and students with learning disabilities can be supported.”

Alejandra López Maldonado, Academic Director, Colegio Mirasierra, Monterrey, Mexico

Alignment to The Science of Reading

Amira was built on decades of research, in partnership with top institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University, and The University of Texas-Health Science Center at Houston.

Research shows that students using Amira in Spanish have up to 1.4x fluency growth as their peers without Amira access. In some bilingual districts, the literacy growth of Emerging Multilingual students and Spanish speaking students outpaces the growth of their  monolingual peers.

Amira is Science of Reading aligned; the micro-interventions offered to tutor students are grounded in Scarborough’s Reading Rope.

Students have choice and can select stories from our menu, including decodable stories in both English and Spanish. It’s critical for students to see and hear themselves in the text they read, therefore we ensure the content reflects their lived experiences – we have a diverse team of authors from various Spanish-Speaking countries including Puerto Rico, México, and Chile.

For our pre-readers we offer Early Reader Skills Scaffold option in both Spanish and English, which guides pre-readers through an Estrellita-aligned sequence focused on letter-sound practice, echo reading and offers targeted practice.

Created with Reading Scientists

Designed Around the Reading Rope

Builds Both Word Recognition and Comprehension

Provides Individualized Reading Practice

60+ Science of Reading Tutoring Techniques

Spanish Assessments

Amira delivers a Spanish assessment based on the proven, reliable & valid Tejas Lee assessment. Amira will deliver a range of reports and analytics on each student's Spanish reading.

Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)
Decoding Skills (NWF)
Dyslexia Risk (RAN & Other Indicators)

1:1 Tutoring

Amira understands the needs of every student and provides them with targeted, tailored and adaptive tutoring that’s science backed and proven to work.

Spanish Dyslexia Screener

Amira provides a Spanish screener able to gauge dyslexia risk based on a student's oral reading in Spanish. Amira automatically determines risk levels, flagging high risk students, without requiring a bilingual teacher or specialist. In less than 10 minutes, Amira will let you screen students in English, Spanish, or both languages.

Adaptive Content

Amira is adaptive and always learning about your student’s needs, including their reading level. Never worry about your student reading too easy or too complex text. Amira will always offer your student story options aligned to your student’s reading level, including high maturity, low complexity text when needed.

Try out Amira for free today! 

Click here to enroll in an easy 20 minute tutorial on how to use your Amira demo accounts (please find the demo based on your region). Once completed, you will receive 4 student demo accounts and a teacher account for complimentary use for up to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Amira support at

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