Driven by science, proven by research

Amira’s award-winning technology is helping thousands of early readers across the country.

The results are in.

Research confirms using Amira has a profound impact on reading ability.

Amira standing next to a bar chart that has comparisons showing how Amira stacks up to certified tutors. The graph shows that Amira & The Storycraft performs on par or better than most certified tutors.
5 pillars of literacy which include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

What the experts have to say

Built on decades of research

The AI technology powering Amira was initially created at Carnegie Mellon University, and further refined by the former technology team at Renaissance Learning — the leading provider of reading software for American schools.

Amira has been crafted alongside the world’s foremost reading scientists from CUNY, University of California, Kansas University, and UTHealth and more.

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