Amira provides better reading practice

Amira provides every student with an always available, infinitely patient, and highly-trained personal reading tutor.

Amira empowers teachers with a game-changing tool that can be deployed in the classroom or as homework. And Amira's reports provide a granular, real-time view of student progress.

Practice with Amira supercharges your classroom!

In-the-moment, targeted micro interventions

As a student reads aloud, Amira listens for mistakes. Based on the student’s reading level, the word being read, and the kind of error made, Amira selects from a toolkit of over 25 “micro interventions” to build missing skills and accelerate growth.

Bring the science of reading
to every student

Uses your content

Like any good reading assistant, Amira works with your curriculum and reading materials.  You can extend the pre-loaded library by uploading the reading resources you use every day into Amira. Amira super-charges your chosen curriculum and early literacy instructional program.

Structured phonics

Building phonemic awareness and decoding ability is foundational to student success. Reading Science has conclusively demonstrated that students, especially struggling students, need substantial reinforcement in phonics. Amira delivers intense scaffolding, helping students learn how to successfully do word attack.

Comprehensive reports

Each student interaction with Amira generates actionable insight for teachers. Each practice session generates new reports on the student's level of vocabulary, comprehension, phonic awareness, decoding ability, and more.

Amira is as effective as a great teacher’s aide

Researchers at leading universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, DePaul University, and the University of British Columbia have conducted studies on Amira’s impact. Remarkably, Amira accelerates growth as much as giving each student their own certified human tutor.

Flexible for your school

Amira is designed to fit easily and seamlessly
into your early literacy program.

In the classroom

Amira is ideal as part of a “rotation station” model. As a teacher works closely with some students, Amira scaffolds practice for others.

During intervention

Amira is the first true intervention program for K-3 students. Amira supports Response to Intervention and instruction systems with intense help on phonics, decoding, and comprehension.

At home

Amira is accessed over the internet and can be used with PCs, iPads, and Chromebooks. So, you can assign reading with Amira as homework, and students can build skills at home.

It's cool! Amira is like a real teacher who helps you. I know she helps me, because I know more words when I read.

2nd Grade Student,
Gentry Primary School

Motivating time on task

The more a student reads, the better at reading they become. But nationwide, with each passing year, our children are reading less.

Better stories

Amira recommends reading material for each student that they will find developmentally appropriate and interesting. You can upload your own content too.

Supportive listening

Amira is a reading buddy who is patient and never judges. Working with Amira is embarrassment free and provides a new reading adventure every session.

Engaged students

Amira Practice gives students feedback at the phoneme, syllable, word, sentence, and passage level. Students using Amira often ask, "Can I read another one?  I'm getting better!"

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